The Latest Make Up Tips & Tricks

I often get asked for advice on how to do make up to achieve a certain look. Here are some of The Latest Make Up Tips & Tricks in the beauty industry.


I have a confession to make… I’m an absolute sucker for all the latest beauty trends. After all, we are in the age of YouTube sensations and 1-minute Instagram tutorials.

Mastering the art of winged eyeliner: check. Buying all of the matte lipsticks available: major check.

I have a lot of lipstick colours in my make up kit that don’t fit the matte bill. That doesn’t make them less beautiful, but right now I’m head-over-heels for that velvety look.

Instead of letting my non-matte lipsticks go to waste, I decided to do a little research on what I could do to incorporate them into the mix. So I thought it would be fitting to address a question I’ve found myself asking a lot lately – is it possible to make an ordinary lipstick matte?

The answer is YES! You can make an ordinary lipstick matte (yay!) All you need is your favourite shade of non-matte lipstick and a few beauty products that you may already have in your makeup drawer.

Here’s how you can transform your lipstick into this season’s hottest beauty trend…

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Translucent powder
  • Tissue
  • Makeup brush
  • Your favourite non-matte lipstick & corresponding lip liner (optional)

Here’s how to do it

1. Line your lips with your lip liner pencil. This step will help ensure that your finished look will last through wear and tear throughout the day.

2. Apply your non-matte lipstick on top of your lip liner. If you’re a perfectionist like me, I’ll sometimes line my lips again after I apply lipstick so that my lines are as sharp as possible.

3. Take your tissue and separate the layers so that you have one fine sheet.

4. Lay the single tissue sheet over your lips and, taking your makeup brush, dust your translucent powder over your lips. By placing the tissue between your lips and the makeup brush you are essentially filtering the amount of powder applied to your lips. It’s best to start small and build up so that you can reach your desired texture without over doing it.

5. Remove the tissue and dust the translucent powder directly onto your lips one final time.

VOILA! You have now created a rich, velvety matte texture without breaking the bank on new beauty products. I love a good DIY makeup hack, don’t you? You can thank me later all you matte loving ladies!!


Has your favourite powder eyeshadow or blush dropped to the floor and broken to bits? Don’t toss your product just yet! You can fix it!

All you need is some rubbing alcohol and a little time to rescue and harden your shattered powder products. Simply wet the powder with the rubbing alcohol and tap it back into place. Once the alcohol dries your powder will be back to new!


Have you tried everything to ‘Mattify’ your face without success?

Using milk of magnesia as a primer is a great insider secret. A light layer over your moisturiser will soak up any excess oil.


Do you have more makeup under your eyes than on them by the end of the day? Besides a good primer (a plus) and waterproof mascara (a must!) the secret is switching to a gel rather than a cream in the morning.

Creams are great at night, but the moisture they leave behind provide a surface for your makeup to slide right on to! An oil free gel will serve you better for daytime.


Makeup setting sprays really do work! Not only can they set your make up for 16 hours, they can make the skin look fresh, reduce shine and diminish fine lines.


Colour correction is something that many of us overlook, but when done correctly it can really help to create a flawless look without caking on products.

You’ll need to take a good look at your under eye area and be honest with yourself. What colour are those circles? Mine are frequently red.

You’ll want to colour correct with the colour that is directly opposite on the colour wheel, for me that means green. Once you’ve picked your corrector, you should apply a light layer on just the area affected. Cover with a little foundation or concealer & you’ll be surprised at how little you need!


A great tip for stopping your favourite mascara from drying out – just add a couple of drops of saline solution to the mascara tube and gently mix it in with the wand.

I hope you enjoyed The Latest Make Up Tips & Tricks above, there’s loads more to come in future blog posts.

If you have any questions about Make Up techniques, please JUST ASK me and i’ll happily advise you the best I can.

Don’t forget that I can do your Make Up for you, if you have a big event or occasion coming up soon, and I also TEACH HOW TO APPLY MAKE UP.

If you want to learn how – just CONTACT ME for more details. 🙂

– Crystal x

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